Vegan update and a recipe

Hey there,

So today is day 8 of eating vegan. Over the last week, I’ve experimented with a lot of recipes. I made some really good vegan tacos I ate for days…..


This weekend I attended a birthday party and ran into my ultimate weakness….cheesecake! Ugh! Why? I was doing so well. As everyone around me was indulging in they’re desserts I stood there drooling and trying to resist…..but I gave in. I had a piece of cheesecake….it was small but I still regretted it after. Speaking of dessert, I made some of my own deserts to keep me motivated.



No bake chocolate peanut butter bars. They were a hit with my family. Click here for recipe


More vegan updates and recipes to come.


Talk to you soon 🙂





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