Fourth of July

Hey there, My favorite month is finally here and I’m loving it! How was your fourth of July? We went to my in-laws for BBQ. It was quite challenging to eat vegan with all the non vegan choices available. This is what my plate looked like. I ate everything but the chicken. I thought about it because it looked and smelled good but I couldn’t go through with it. image   This is was a splurge for sure. My daughter ended up eating the chicken. The asparagus and mushrooms my mother in law made was delicious. I couldn’t get enough.   Then it was time to come home to our little Rusty. He can’t handle the fireworks. So this year I tried this thing called a thunder shirt. It’s suppose to comfort them like a swaddled baby.image I thought it was working at first because he got calm and sleepy but as the night got later, he couldn’t be alone. image He looks like he’s playing the keyboard here. Haha.  When we went to bed, the barking and whining began. Every time he heard a firework, he barked. We were annoyed and tired the next day. So was the thunder shirt effective? Not really. I’m going to return it tomorrow.

This fourth of July also marks 17 years since my husband and I met. Awe. So that’s a little glimpse of my 4th.  I hope you had a nice one.

Talk to you soon.


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