IDEA World 2014

Hi There!

I’m excited to share my IDEA world fitness convention experience with you today. This was my first year attending. I have been wanting to go for years but I have not been able to afford it. It is always around the time my kids go back to school and need school clothes so its hard to come up with the extra money. This year, I was determined to make it no matter what. Money was still tight and I was afraid of leaving my kids all day but I went through with it and I’m so glad I did.


IDEA world is the fitness convention of all fitness conventions. It is for personal trainers, group instructors and anyone passionate about fitness. This year they added something new called Blogfest. It was two days of everything you need to know about blogging. Since I just started my blog, I figured it was perfect. And it was!

So here I am arriving bright and early Thursday morning.

blogfest2014 (8)

The morning started with a yoga class. I did not get a photo of it. But it was great.

The morning was filled with great speakers. So many to name. Here were some of my favorites:


Lorna Jane.  Lorna’s story began 25 years ago when she single-handedly revolutionized women’s fitness clothing and began building the Active Living category.  I love her line. I practically drool when I walk into one of her stores. Her philosophy is move nourish believe. Move everyday. Nourish from the inside out. Believe anything is possible.


Next, the amazing Elaine Lalanne (the late Jack Lalanne’s wife).

blogfest2014 (28)

This lovely lady is 88 years and can still do straight push ups. She did some on stage. Amazing! She is proof that exercising and taking care of yourself can really make a difference as you age.

During our break I visited the expo where there was everything fitness and nutrition you can think of. Exercises demos, food samples, etc.

blogfest2014 (35)
blogfest2014 (33)

Gluten free snacks. Perfect! These went well with Daiya dairy free cream cheese. Yum. I really enjoyed all the free samples 🙂

blogfest2014 (86)

Check out that headstand!

In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of having a Piyo class by Chalene Johnson

blogfest2014 (45)

She said she had two teeth pulled 2 hours before teaching this class. You would have never known. She was great!  This was my first “Piyo” experience. It’s a blend of Pilates and Yoga. Chalene said she created it for people like her who cannot stay still. It was definitely upbeat with more movement than yoga or pilates. The music was also good. I learned that she is a fan of Justin Timberlake 🙂


Everyone doing the pose called “wild thing”.

At the end of the day, we had a networking hour where everyone in attendance was able to meet. I had the pleasure of meeting some nice ladies.

blogfest2014 (46)

That’s me in the pink 🙂


The next day was even better. The highlight of that morning was listening to the famous Jillian Michaels speak. What a treat! She was truly inspirational. And funny 🙂 Most know her from Biggest Loser and being the toughest trainer ever. I enjoyed listening to her more than I expected.  She shared her story and her struggles. My favorite quote from her that day was: “work with passion has a purpose, work without passion is punishment”


The day just kept getting better…. we’re walking down the hall to the next class and who do I run into?


OMG! It’s Louis VanAmstel from Dancing with the Stars! Being a big DWTS fan, I almost screamed. It was hard to contain the excitement.

He was so cool and down to earth. Sweet enough to take a pic with Michelle and I.


And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I got to meet Tara Stiles right after and take her class. I have Tara’s Slim, Calm, Sexy yoga book, DVDs and follow her videos on YouTube.


Tara Stiles is known as the “Yoga Rebel”. Her teaching style is a little different from traditional yoga. Her class was fun. She is such a fun, free sprit. She teaches her students to do what feels good. Her motto is “Make Your Own Rules” Its not about doing what everyone else is doing but to do what feels good to you. It was such a pleasure to meet her.

In the end, I am so happy I went. I came away motivated and inspired. I realized that anything is possible. Sometimes, I doubt myself and wonder if  I’m good at what I do. During these three days I realized how much I love health and fitness and sharing it with others. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I realized that when you’re truly passionate about something, it shows. Like Jillian Micheals said “work with passion has a purpose”

Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you. I’ll be back later to share some other highlights.

I also submitted this post to Kimberly Snyder’s weekly Beauty Detox Blogger assignment. I hope to get featured 🙂

See you soon.




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