Beauty Detox Principles

Hey Friends,

How are you doing today?

Today I’m talking about my favorite principle from  Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution. I discovered Kimberly a couple of years ago when I was searching Amazon for some healthy eating books. I came across her book Beauty Detox Foods, which is the 2nd of her books. And I hear she’s coming out with a 3rd!


The three basic principles are:

1) EAT MORE VEGGIES AND FEWER ANIMAL PRODUCTS: I have definitely adopted this principle. Before Beauty Detox, I would have animal protein for lunch and dinner. I never really liked red meat so I had either chicken or ground turkey. My diet is much more plant-based now. Much more veggies, quinoa and beans. Some days I’m vegetarian, some days vegan. I still have eggs sometimes.

2) DRINK A GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE EVERY DAY: This is my favorite principle because in order to adopt this principle I had to give up coffee.


Coffee was always the first thing I had every morning for at least 5 years. My morning ritual was coffee and a larabar. But it wasn’t just coffee. I added a ton of creamer which made for a very fattening breakfast. Coffee is also dehydrating. It was a habit I  had to slowly wean myself from. I thought I could never do it but here I am over a year later having my glowing green smoothie everyday instead of coffee.


I now find the green smoothie more addicting than coffee. I didn’t know that was possible. I didn’t think anything would wake me up in the morning like coffee did. I was wrong. I feel dehydrated if I don’t have it in the morning. It’s refreshing and revitalizing. You can find the recipe here

3) GIVE UP DAIRY: I also thought this would be hard because I had dairy all day long; from cream in my coffee to yogurt to something cheesy for dinner. I have adopted this principlabout 90%. Occasionally I splurge on pizza or bean and cheese burritos but dairy is no longer in my diet daily.

Following these principles makes me feel more hydrated. I also have better digestion and more energy.

This post is part of the Beauty detox blogger assignment. I was suppose to talk about my favorite principle but I couldn’t help touch on all three 🙂

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about my Beauty Detox experience.



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