Gluten-free pizza


I’m dropping in real quick to share a gluten-free pizza recipe I made this weekend. I have been making this healthier version for a while. My family loves pizza. Who doesn’t?

For the crust, I use a brown rice tortilla. Spread on the pizza sauce, add cheese and toppings. It’s so simple and my family actually likes it ­čÖé

Although I share mostly┬ávegan recipes here, this one is not but you can always make it vegan with non-dairy cheese like Daiya or make your own. I’ve tried vegan cheeses on pizza but my family refuses to eat it ­čśŽ

Here are the ingredient I used:


Here is my family’s version with pepperoni


Here is my vegetarian version with spinach and mushroom.


And here is Rusty begging as I make them


Here’s the super easy recipe:

1. Spread pizza sauce on brown rice tortilla

2. Spread cheese

3. Add whatever toppings you like

4. Bake at 400 degrees 10 minutes



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