Halloween Highlights


How was your Halloween weekend? Mine was filled with candy, candy and more candy! Can you relate?


I’m not sure why I let my daughter talk me into buying a bag that included my all time favorite candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I said to myself, I will let the kids have a treat but I wont have any. All week, that candy called my name so I answered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I went a little overboard and I’m now sick of candy. Today I gave all the leftover candy away and now my family and I are doing a sugar detox from now until Thanksgiving. My kids aren’t too thrilled but they’ll thank me later 🙂

For Halloween my son wanted to be a police officer 🙂


And my dog wanted to be superman but amazon didn’t deliver the costume I ordered for him until the day after. So I made a last-minute run to Target in search of a costume. It came down to a football guy or a surfer girl.


Looks like surfer girl won




Halloween ended nicely with some much-needed rain. We got back inside just inside before it really came down. The next day was so clear and crisp.


Free water for the garden is nice too


My little lemon and orange trees here in a recycled concrete planter


The weekend ended with relaxing and yoga.


As soon as I put the mat down, Rusty thought it was for him.




He does downward dog too

As you can tell I have fun with this silly dog. I can dress him up and take a hundred pictures of him and he never minds.

Ok, that’s a little summary of my sugar filled weekend. I’ll be back with some healthy recipes. Thanks for reading 🙂









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