Weekend At The Beach House


How was your weekend? Here are some pictures of our little beach getaway from last weekend.


My sister and her boyfriend Nick came down to CA from Spokane, WA. She moved up there 8 or 9 years ago and still visits about twice a year but we have not seen Nick in quite a while so it was great to finally spend some time with him too.

The fun started on Friday when we spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm.


Awe. How cute are they? That pink thing you see on her arm is her cast sleeve. She broke her wrist a month ago during a dog training class. She tripped over a rug and fell back. Of course she still makes wearing a cast fashionable. That’s my sister. 🙂

Saturday morning we arrived to the beach house in Huntington Beach. An associate through work asked if she would like to stay at this beach house rental and of course she said yes and of course she invited us to stay too. Yay!

The house was literally across from the beach.


This house was huge; 4,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 stories and an elevator. An elevator? Talk about luxury. It was almost 4 times the size of my home. My kids really enjoyed staying in their own bedrooms and not having share a bathroom all weekend.

I realized I never took any close-ups of the actual house; I was so mesmerized by the ocean views but here’s a view of the house from the beach.


I did manage to capture one picture of the beautiful white kitchen. Check out that range; unfortunately didn’t get a chance to fire it up.


I loved all the beach decor in this house. I wanted to take these two cute signs home with me.


We brought our dog Rusty with us. This was his first time going on any trip. And his first time to the beach. 🙂


We did a ton of walking along the beach. The weather was beyond perfect and I couldn’t get enough of it.


Here’s Rusty watching the cars from the 2nd story balcony. Might I add that he’s never been to a house with stairs. Watching him walk up the stairs for the first time was hilarious.


Here’s uncle Nick bonding with my kids on the Pier.


My aunt and cousins came over that afternoon to have dinner with us. Here’s my little cousin Dustin and Rusty enjoying each others company.


What did we have for dinner? No, it wasn’t healthy. Yes I splurged on pizza but I walked so much that day that my legs and feet throbbed at the end of the day. Good thing I brought my foam roller and yoga mat. I was able to roll and stretch that night before bed. Although Rusty thought I brought it for him.


My daughter captured this beauty on Saturday.


Sunday morning I couldn’t wait to use this Vitamix. I have always wanted one. I made green smoothies for everyone. Btw, this thing works amazing! I’ve never made such a smooth smoothie 🙂


It contained spinach, apple, pear and banana.

That morning we walked to the pier to have breakfast. It was almost a mile away.


We ate at the place called Sugar Shack. The service and food were excellent.



After the long walk, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my yummy food before I gobbled it up. I had eggs, pancakes and fruit. I was a vegetarian this weekend, not a vegan. I still go back and forth between vegan and vegetarian since my transition to a more plant-based diet earlier this year.

Next, we headed to the Pier which is when the wind really kicked up. It made me so nervous to walk on the Pier. I felt like we were going to blow away but it made for some nice resistance as we walked 🙂


My hair was flying all over the place and my phone felt like it was going to fly out of my hand.


I really enjoyed watching the surfers in the water. Look how peaceful they look out there. It sort of made me want to learn how to surf. 🙂

Later that afternoon, my husband and I decided to ride bikes along the beach. Just so you know, neither of us has been on a bicycle since we were kids. I know, its kind of embarrassing but you know that old saying “its like riding a bike” I was a little scared to ride at first but in no time, we were cruising down the beach and it felt amazing.


A little incline here provided some burn to my legs.


When we were done riding, we agreed we needed to buy some bikes so we could do this again. I’m not sure why we have gone all this time without them.

We ended that day sitting on the beach and soaking it all in before it was time to go.



There you have it. A beautiful end to a great weekend at the beach with my family. It was the best time I’ve had in a while. I want to go back already.

The ocean is one of my favorite places to be. Just watching the water gives me so much peace, gratitude and happiness. I am so thankful that we get to live in Southern California where the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the beach in November.

Where is your favorite place?

Thanks for reading.






















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