2014 Highlights

Happy New Year!

How are you? As excited as I am to get this new year started, I’d like to take this time to reflect on 2014. There have been some years, I look back and realize I didn’t accomplish a lot and then I realize that maybe I didn’t get everything on my list done but there is still so much to be proud of. I am definitely proud of myself this year. Continue reading

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub


How are you today? In case you don’t know, I love DIY. Well, I don’t really love it. If I had tons of money, I might not be as handy but that’s not the case so I’ve learned to do a lot of things myself in an effort to save money and I learned to enjoy it along the way. So today I’m sharing the sugar scrub I like to make. Its super easy (otherwise I wouldn’t make it, haha) and it makes your skin so soft which is perfect around this time of year. Right? Continue reading