Goals for 2015

Hello and Happy New Year

How is your new year going to far? Today I’m sharing my goals for this year. I meant to have this post up on New Year’s Day but I got a little side tracked with my kids being home on winter break. Well, I’m only 2 weeks late. I figured better late than never!

I’m sure you’ve heard “New Years resolutions” about a thousand times by now. I don’t like to use that word anymore because the word resolution means to find a solution to a problem. Although I have plenty to work on, I would rather focus on setting goals rather than trying to change myself. If that makes sense.

New Years resolutions are often unrealistic and too hard to accomplish and many people give up before they are half way through the year. I can relate. Several years ago, I would write out my resolutions and every year my #1 resolution was to lose weight and body fat. Without putting much thought into it I would say I wanted to lose 10% body fat without realizing the work it took to accomplish it. These days I set out realistic goals. Because I’m not trying to change who I am but growth and accomplishment always feels good. So here are my goals for 2015!

Complete my NASM personal trainer certification

Practice more Yoga

Work on core strength and injury prevention

Increase my strength training

Continue to eat plant based foods

Make more kid friendly foods and desserts

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Organize my house

Add more storage around the house

Build some furniture

Plant more fruit trees and vegetables in my backyard

Plant more flowers

Paint my kitchen cabinets (again)

Organize my kids rooms

Plan a nice sweet 16 for my daughter in March

What are your goals for this year?

I’ll be back to touch on some of these goals more in depth.

Have a great weekend!


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