One Year Ago


Today was such a pretty day outside but also a very exciting day because it was the first time in a whole year that my husband and I went to the trail.

One year ago, we went to the trail as we normally did on Saturdays. We usually run it but whether you run or walk it’s a workout because of all the incline. About a week later, my husband ruptured his Achilles’ tendon playing softball. As he was trying to catch a ball, he stepped back into a hole and that was it! He was in instant pain and had to leave the game. He ended up having surgery to repair it. The Dr. said the recovery would be about 9-12 months. No running for a year??? For someone who works out everyday, this news was dreadful and quite depressing.

After a splint, a cast, crutches, a walking boot and months of physical therapy and rehab, we made it back to the trail today! It felt amazing. We work out at home the majority of the time weight training, HIIT, and yoga but we like to get out sometimes so the trail is perfect. The workout is great but I believe it’s more therapeutic than anything. IMG_2166

Since this was our first time back, I thought we were going to walk it but within a couple minutes, we were running. IMG_2170

Before the surgery, my husband would always be faster than me but I figured I would be ahead today since he hasn’t run in a year and I have. Wrong! He left me in the dust again. Do you see that little spec? Yes, that’s him getting way ahead of me but I couldn’t help feel so happy to see him run again.


I love being outdoors and taking in all the beautiful surroundings. All that vitamin D is great too!


3.5 miles later, we we’re done.


Last year has been hard. And when I say hard, I mean really hard. We experienced some really trying times but I thank God for giving us the strength to endure. When going through any difficulty, I realize there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard to visualize it when times are so dark but there’s hope.

Thanks for allowing me to share this happy day with you. If you’ve ever experienced anything similar, I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to leave me comment below. Enjoy your weekend.


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