Fit Fashion (pink and black)

Hey! Happy Friday!

I’m so happy it’s Friday. Aren’t you? I really look forward to sleeping in, getting things done around the house or sometimes just relaxing and doing nothing. Ahh, that’s the best.

Today I’m sharing my love of Fit Fashion. I pretty much live in workout clothes so I try to look cute if possible wearing them. You won’t ever see me wearing all black or grey. Instead almost everything I wear is pink. I’m kind of obsessed with pink and black but I also wear purple and blue sometimes.

This week, I walked into Kohl’s and found these cute pink and black pieces.


This outfit from Juicy Couture is not really for working out but its perfect for wearing anywhere or just lounging. It looks so cute and comfortable.


How cute is this jacket?? Also by juicy couture.


This jacket is by Tek Gear. They also have matching pants.


I also stopped by TJ Maxx and found these cute pieces. What I love about TJ Maxx being about to find cute tops and pants for under $20. Cute and affordable is always my goal.


I would to love to have this cute sweater from Reebok. The only thing about TJ Maxx is the items are usually not there the next time you come in. It’s usually now or never there. Of course, they always have super cute stuff when I don’t have enough money to buy it all.


I’m really craving some pink pants like these

IMG_2259How can you go wrong at 14.99?

Do you have a preferred brand or style or fitness clothing? One of the most important things for me is pants that stay up. I always look for pants with a wider waist band to keep them from sliding down and exposing my mom pouch. Haha.

Have a great weekend!






3 thoughts on “Fit Fashion (pink and black)

      • cavslisa says:

        I usually keep an eye out in sports shops during the sales if I dont want to spend a lot. But there are really nice limited edition patterns that you probably wont get on sale. The Nike shop has an awesome selection!

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