This happens every year


How are you?

Each year I say I’m not going to let it happen but somehow it still happens. What am I talking about? Gaining weight in the winter. I can’t believe I just said that. To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit since I am a personal trainer and help people get fit and healthy but at the same time it’s what keeps me real. When people I help tell me their struggles I always tell them how much I understand… because I really I do. I know what it’s like to struggle.

I recently got on the scale and saw I had gained 5 pounds. Ugh! “How did I let this happen?” I asked myself.

Well, it isn’t rocket science. When you eat more calories than you burn, you’re gonna gain weight! I know where I went wrong but at the time, I wasn’t paying attention.

Where I went wrong:

Became Less Active. It’s normal to become less active in the winter when it’s cold and gets dark early. I’m not a fan of cold so I’m thankful that I live in sunny California where winters are mild. I wouldn’t survive anywhere else. I feel powered by the sun so on cold and cloudy days I lose my energy.

Over splurged. We have a rule in my house that we can splurge once or twice on the weekend if we eat clean and healthy all week. My kids love their treats on the weekend but somehow we went from having one splurge meal to splurging all weekend long. Starting Friday night and ending Sunday night. Wait, how did this happen? I let my guard down. I started allowing foods in the house that I normally didn’t.

Sweet tooth overload. If you don’t know by now, I love all things peanut butter. My favorite is peanut butter and chocolate cups. I fell into the habit of buying chocolate every weekend for “our weekly splurge” but I think I got a little carried away.

Other things. Dealing with the winter blues also known as SAD the last three winters, I experience some days where I just don’t feel my usual motivated self. Getting things done seems harder than usual.

Those are just the facts, I’m not using any of it as an excuse.

I know what I need to do:

Commit to my daily workouts. My biggest struggle during this time of year is making enough time for my workouts. Sometimes I procrastinate before I have to work and end up only giving myself 20-30 minutes to workout. I will make it a priority because it really is the best form of medicine.

Put my foot down with food. Although I encourage rewarding yourself weekly, I will stop getting carried away and stick to the 90/10 rule. Eat clean 90% of the time instead of 60%.

Keep my weaknesses out of my house. If you don’t have the discipline to eat just a bite you shouldn’t have it in your house. That goes for peanut butter and chocolate. I can’t tell you how many times I stick my spoon into the peanut butter jar.

Keep it clean and green. I became vegetarian six months ago and glad I did. I would eventually like to be vegan because on the days I eat vegan I feel so much better.

Ok there you have it. I’m not perfect and have things to work on. It feels good to be completely honest and open. Sometimes I hold it all in and act like everything is just fine and dandy.

How are you doing this winter with diet and exercise? Have you experienced similar struggles?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Have a great week!


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