A Family Affair

Happy Monday

How was your weekend? This weekend was the second time my husband and I visited the trail since his Achilles rupture. We usually go by ourselves but this time we decided to bring our kids. In the past, we didn’t bring them because they were too small to keep up but their getting bigger now so we did it. IMG_8619Nike versus Asics 🙂IMG_8637-0 It was such a pretty day. At times, the sun was out. IMG_8628 The hills were challenging for everyone especially my ten year old. IMG_8645 His little legs got tired IMG_8634 “Come on, you’re almost there”

My daughter did great! She was ahead of us at times.



Everyone was happy when it came to going downhill


I’m not sure what I enjoy more; the exercise or the views. Its pretty awesome out there!




At the finish line


I’m proud of my kids for being such troopers. We did 2.75 miles which is a little less than last time but since it was the first time for the kids, we didn’t want to burn them out. Overall, we still had a great run.

The next day my son said “my legs are so sore” 🙂 I told him it will get easier the more we go. I look forward to taking them again. I think its so important to include your children in your exercise.I recently heard someone say instead of trying to involve yourself in your kids lives, involve them in yours. I feel they learn a lot just by observing. I enjoy teaching them healthy habits and hope it will stick with them as they grow up.

Do you like to run outdoors? What are your favorite family activities?

Have a great week!


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