Sweet and simple V day


How was your valentines day?

I doesn’t take a lot to please me. Spending quality time with my husband is more important than roses and chocolates.

We started our day with our usual trail run.


There he is ahead of me again. You wouldn’t believe he has surgery on his Achilles last year if you saw him out there. He really amazes me.


I feel blessed to be able to see these views from up high every time.



We did a 2 mile route and although it doesn’t sound like a long run, a lot of it was uphill so we were tired and had very red faces when we finished. It was 85 degrees!


Here’s the sweet gift my husband got me. He knows I love pink.


We had leftovers for dinner because we didn’t have the desire to go to a restaurant with every other couple on Valentines Day. Don’t get me wrong, we like our dinner dates but not when you know its going to be super crowded. I’m happy with having dinner at home and just spending time together. And that’s exactly what we did.

We had a power outage while we in the middle of dinner so it forced us to get out the candles for light. I guess you can say we had a nice candlelit dinner.

We finished the evening with a movie.


I have been wanting to watch Labor Day since it came out and last night we finally did. I loved this movie. Especially the part where they bake the peach pie. I’ve been craving one since:). The way he did so many things around the house was pretty sweet too. Both actors did an amazing job and the story was so well written. I think I’m in love with this movie. I love anything romantic.

Do you enjoy simple dates at home or do you like to get dressed up and go out?

Have a good week.


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