I needed Rest


How was your weekend? I wish I can say mine was great but it was a pretty sick weekend for me. Two weeks ago was my daughters sweet sixteen party (party pics are coming) and when it was over I was exhausted because I spent a whole month preparing my house and backyard for it. I painted, planted flowers and did a lot of DIY decorations. Since the party, I’ve been tired but I just kept going until last week when my throat starting hurting. I thought it was something I could fight off as I’ve done before with extra water but I didn’t stop and rest. I kept working out as usual and I actually felt fine until this weekend when it hit me. Full blown sore throat, runny nose, cough and body aches! Blah.  Continue reading

Chocolate Frosty


I have something very delicious to share with you. This might not sound good if you’re experiencing rain or snow right now but we are experiencing another California heat wave this week so when the kids got home from school I made this cold yummy smoothie. Here in CA we go from winter to summer from one week to the next.

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