I needed Rest


How was your weekend? I wish I can say mine was great but it was a pretty sick weekend for me. Two weeks ago was my daughters sweet sixteen party (party pics are coming) and when it was over I was exhausted because I spent a whole month preparing my house and backyard for it. I painted, planted flowers and did a lot of DIY decorations. Since the party, I’ve been tired but I just kept going until last week when my throat starting hurting. I thought it was something I could fight off as I’ve done before with extra water but I didn’t stop and rest. I kept working out as usual and I actually felt fine until this weekend when it hit me. Full blown sore throat, runny nose, cough and body aches! Blah. 

We had a funeral to attend on Saturday for my husbands best friends dad who we’ve know forever and I missed it! I was too sick 😦 I felt really bad but I knew I’d get worse if I forced myself to go. My kids and husband went on their own. Sunday I got even worse. I could barely get out of bed. My husband and kids went to church without me. I spent yesterday laying outside in the sun or in bed. Im thankful we live in Southern California where I have the opportunity to lay in the sun this time of year. It’s been in the 70s which is perfect. I desperately needed that vitamin D.

Yesterday both my kids asked me if I was dying. lol. I must have looked really bad! And they’re not used to seeing their mom so sick.

Well, lesson learned. I didn’t rest and it bit me in the butt. It’s funny because I strongly believe and preach if you don’t give your body a break, it will take one on it’s own by either getting sick or hurt. I’m so thankful my husband help around the house this weekend. He even went grocery shopping.

I didn’t work today so I could get more rest. I’m so glad my kids are on spring break because this allows me to sleep in. I hope to be better soon so I can take them somewhere fun while they’re off.

I debated on writing this post because I promote eating and living healthy but it’s real life and a lesson to learn from.

Remember to listen to your body. When you feel you’re tired and need a nap, take it. Sometimes I think I’m not being productive when I rest but I now realize how productive it is.

Talk to you later.


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