Easy Roasted Asparagus 


How is your week going? A while back I had some asparagus at in my laws for dinner and I really liked it so I asked my mother in law how she made it and she said she simply made it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roasted in the oven. I said, that’s it? I’m going to try it! Because we all know I like to keep it as simple as possible. If it takes more than 15 minutes to prepare, I’m usually not interested (unless its a special occasion) Continue reading

Eat more salad 

Hello there, How is your Monday going so far? It was cold and cloudy this morning which made me want to do nothing but stay inside and be lazy but we all know that’s not an option so I forced myself to get my butt in the garage and work out. It was barbell squats, split squats and step ups for me today.  Then off to work. I work at a chiropractic office on Mondays and lucky for me that means a chiropractic adjustment every week 🙂 When I got home for lunch I had a serious sweet tooth and was craving something along the lines of a Reese’s peanut butter cup so I opened my fridge and remembered I had leftover salad, sweet potatoes and brown rice from yesterday so I put together this pretty little salad. Continue reading

Feeling Better

Hi How are you? I’m happy to say I’m feeling better than the last time I was here. If you missed my last post, you read it here.  I don’t often get sick but this time around it hit me good. That was two weeks ago. As you can see I’m still playing catch up. I started feeling better the next day which came just in time for my kids spring break. The first day of their break we spent the day home so I could rest, The next day we went to the mall since I wasn’t 100% I let my daughter shop while my son and I sat around and drank smoothies from Jamba Juice 🙂 IMG_9156I had the apple and greens while he had strawberry whirl. They were good. Continue reading