Feeling Better

Hi How are you? I’m happy to say I’m feeling better than the last time I was here. If you missed my last post, you read it here.  I don’t often get sick but this time around it hit me good. That was two weeks ago. As you can see I’m still playing catch up. I started feeling better the next day which came just in time for my kids spring break. The first day of their break we spent the day home so I could rest, The next day we went to the mall since I wasn’t 100% I let my daughter shop while my son and I sat around and drank smoothies from Jamba Juice 🙂 IMG_9156I had the apple and greens while he had strawberry whirl. They were good.

I spent most of the week in the sun soaking up that vitamin D and it definitely helped me feel better. I also got a tan in the process 🙂 In addition, I drank tons of water and green smoothies. IMG_9154 Did I mention I have some herbs growing? IMG_9158 This is just the start of my vegetable garden. I have some tomato plants I’ll be planting soon. I can’t wait to go in the backyard and pick veggies for dinner.IMG_9157 The highlight of our week was going to Disneyland on Friday. I had to give my kids some kind of fun since the beginning of their break was spent at home.


My kids are 5 years apart so the older one want to ride roller coasters while my younger one wants nothing to do with them so it was easy rides for us that day.

IMG_9209Just following Goofy around. I wanted to get a picture with him but the line was too long.

IMG_9196These roses! IMG_9202 I had to get a picture with them. IMG_9206 You may find this funny or strange but every time we go to any amusement park I end of gazing at all the flowers I see. Sometimes I find it more fun to look at all the landscaping than riding the rides. Does that make me sound old? I just love looking at pretty things. IMG_9215 We rode this nice big ship around before we left.

IMG_9244It almost felt like we were on a lake 🙂

On the weekend I made some vegan enchiladas using just sweet potatoes and black beans as the filling. So simple right? IMG_9282 I used a regular can of enchilada sauce and corn tortillas. I layer my enchiladas instead of rolling. Its so much quicker. I’m all about getting it done quicker. They taste just as good as if they were rolled. IMG_9286 Yum!! Avocados are a staple in my house since we cut out dairy. They are a perfect replacement for cheese and sour cream. I wish I had an avocado tree.

Thanks for reading about my spring break with my kids. They are back in school now so its time to get things done. Off to get some HIIT in and train a client. I also need to get my yoga in today.

How was your spring break?

Talk to you soon


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