Eat more salad 

Hello there, How is your Monday going so far? It was cold and cloudy this morning which made me want to do nothing but stay inside and be lazy but we all know that’s not an option so I forced myself to get my butt in the garage and work out. It was barbell squats, split squats and step ups for me today.  Then off to work. I work at a chiropractic office on Mondays and lucky for me that means a chiropractic adjustment every week 🙂 When I got home for lunch I had a serious sweet tooth and was craving something along the lines of a Reese’s peanut butter cup so I opened my fridge and remembered I had leftover salad, sweet potatoes and brown rice from yesterday so I put together this pretty little salad. IMG_9590When I was done with my salad I no longer had the craving for something bad. Eating a salad requires a lot of chewing and the desire to chew is what most people have, especially when we’re bored or feeling stressed. We just want to munch on something. So not only is salad healthy, it takes away that desire to munch. Also, sweet potatoes always satisfies my sweet tooth. I decided to eat outside on my patio. I really enjoy being outside and soaking up all my surroundings like the birds chirping and looking at pretty flowers like this. IMG_9588 Being outdoors and looking at nature always reduces stress. I try to get outdoor time as much as possible and I’m thankful that I live in a state that gets more sunny days than cold 🙂 Talk to you later. In the meantime, eat more salad 🙂 Marlene

4 thoughts on “Eat more salad 

  1. K @ Peeled Wellness says:

    I think that being outside helps me sometimes too when I’m feeling like ‘splurging’ on something unhealthy because of stress. If you’re interested, I’d love you for you share a post in my blog link up tomorrow. There’s a quick explanation right on my main menu under ‘Tell ’em Tuesdays.’
    xoxo K

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