How I feel about working out


How are you?

This morning was cold and cloudy and as usual I wanted to stay inside and be cozy but I had plans to go for a walk with my friend. I considered cancelling but I forced myself to go. We walked a neighborhood in the hills which made for a very heart pumping walk. It always helps to have someone to talk to on my walks (other than my dog) Of course, I felt great after and was glad I went.

People think because I’m a personal trainer that I love working out and have a ton of motivation. I agree and disagree with that. You see, I love the benefits of working out but I’m hardly ever motivated to get started. Most of the time I have to force myself.

Today after my client’s workout, I asked him if he felt better. He said yes. I said “good because you usually come as a grouch and leave in a good mood.” Yes, I actually told him this. Lol. But he agreed. He said ” I really hate coming to work out” I said “who does?” and he said ” you” Me? I said yes I enjoy it but I really have to force myself. Because I have a home gym, I have no excuse but it’s sometimes easy to occupy myself with other things around my house. Cleaning, cooking, gardening, you name it.

So, no I don’t pop out of bed in the morning ready to get in my gym and pump out a work out. Sometimes it takes lots of talking and reminding myself why I work out. And that is because it makes me feel better. Physically and most important, mentally.

It’s not always easy to get started but I’m always glad I did.

How do you feel about working out?


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