Two Days without kids


How was your fourth of July?

For the first time ever, my kids went to visit my mom for a couple of days this week. I was a little hesitant being that my son has never been away from me for more than one night. My daughter on the other hand regularly sleeps over her friends houses. You know teenagers. Anyhow, my mom asked if they can come stay for a couple of days and I said ok because they have been on summer vacation for a month now and I figured a little time away would be nice.

My mom lives kind of far so we met 1/2 way on Wednesday. I figured I would take this time without kids to catch up on things I needed to get done so I went to the dentist ( I was overdue) I also picked up my contacts for my eye dr. and visited my local nursery. My kids always get so bored when I look for plants. I guess its boring if you’re not interested in gardening. It was nice to time my time browsing 🙂


I picked out some corn and zucchini. I grew zucchini a couple years ago and it did well. And that was before I became vegetarian. I find myself buying a lot of vegetables every week at the grocery store and think to myself “why am I not growing this?”  It saves so much money.


That night, my husband and I had a simple dinner at home alone. This is rare without kids. So rare it almost felt funny. Can any moms out there relate?

I figured I would get more things done around the house the next day while my husband was at work but he surprised me and said he would be working from home instead. Well, that was a nice. That day we did yoga together, watched some movies and other things around the house. At night he took me to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner. So sweet.

We got seated at the “complimentary nacho table” I didn’t pay much attention to it until the server brought us a plate of nachos. We were like, “ugh…we didn’t order these”, then he pointed to the sign and said ‘they’re free” it was pretty funny. And yes, we ate them.


Here is my snapchat photo of them. If you use snapchat, you can find me under fitdelight 🙂


Check out this spread. Its making my mouth water just talking about it. I had veggie fajitas. I love fajitas, I make my own and they’re good but these right here, take the prize. Omg, they were so good. I also had a side of beans and lots of chips and salsa. This was definitely a splurge meal. I really love Mexican food.


After dinner, we came home and watched some TV, then we went outside and planted the corn and zucchini I bought the day before. It was getting dark, so I turned on these pretty lights. I really love how our backyard is coming along.


While I was out there, I got at least three mosquito bites. Yay. Did you know that meat tenderizer reduces the swelling and itching? I immediately rubbed some on my bites.

Here are the veggies the next morning. I still have a lot more I want to plant but this is a nice start.


Well, my kids made it home safely on Friday. I missed them but my husband and I got to spend some much needed time together so it was nice.

Thanks for reading.


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