Sweet 16

Hi There,

How are you today?

Its official, I am now a mom to a sixteen year old. Can you believe that? It’s still sinking in. It kind of makes me old but at the same time not old enough. Most of the time I don’t feel old enough for all this teenage stuff because to be honest I don’t feel that mature myself which is kind of cool because I can be young and silly with my kids. That’s one advantage of having kids young. Sometimes my kids call me weird when I dance and say silly things but at least they’ll remember me being fun and not old and boring. 🙂


For the last couple months, I spent every spare moment planning this once in a lifetime sweet sixteen. My daughter has not had a birthday party since she was 6 or 7 so we figured this is kind of a big deal. We didn’t have the budget for something huge as she first wanted so after months of discussing ideas we agreed on a very simple but nice party in our backyard. After looking at tons of ideas on Pinterest, we decided on a Rustic Country theme. See all my Pinterest ideas here

My daughter showed me a picture of hay bales around a fire pit so we created this. I really loved the way it turned out. Some of the pictures on Pinterest show the bales with pretty plaid or colored blankets over them but that would have been costly so I used drop cloths I had been using as patio curtains. I cut them in 1/2 and placed them over each bale. To provided a more comfortable feel as opposed to a prickly feel on your butt from the straw 🙂


I really loved the way it turned out


We bought this fire pit at Lowes a couple of years ago.


Because the party was at night, I figured it would get cold so we created this. Another idea from Pinterest. She was born in 1999 so I made this “est in 1999” sign. I sort of messed up the “T” but I used it anyway. My daughter made the chalkboard sign.

I already had some blankets but I found two more on clearance at Target and the pink ones were only $3 at Walmart. Btw, I’m not a Walmart person but I was on a hunt for inexpensive blankets and Walmart came through. Btw, the blankets were a great idea. The all got used when it became chilly.

Total spent on blankets was about $16. This metal bucket was a TJ Maxx find for $12.


A sweet friend of mine let me borrow some cowboy hats and handkerchiefs. They were a hit. I didn’t realize the kids would have so much fun with them.

Especially my son.


We had a nice turnout. Twenty something kids and about ten adults. I was really happy with the way it all turned out. This was the first time we ever had lighting in our backyard. Its come a long way since moved in ten years ago!


Since my daughter is a huge donut lover, we opted for a donut cake instead of a regular birthday cake. Which is basically a tower of donuts.


I bought three dozen. The kids loved them. They were gone within minutes. You know, teenagers and their sweets.

The sweets didn’t stop there, my daughter wanted to make smores so I created this smores tower thanks to some Pinterest Inspiration.


That was some yummy chocolate. Yes, I had some. As much candy as the kids ate, we still had a lot of leftovers which lead to me giving into temptation. Did I mention, I also had a donut or two? Sometimes I go a little overboard at parties. Oh well, my daughter only turns 16 once.

So I have a confession, she turned sixteen three months ago but I was so tired from all the work I did, I took me forever to put this post together.

Thanks for reading.


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