Today I’m 37


I cannot believe I’m 37 today. I don’t feel 37. Where does the time go? I thought I would be 21 forever.

What have I learned in these 37 years? Not a darn thing! Just kidding. I decided to share 37 random things about myself today.

1. I have lived in California all my life.

2. My favorite place to be is the beach

3. I met my husband at a club in Hollywood when I was 18 ( funny story)

4. I have a serious sweet tooth

5. I got married at 20 and became a mom at almost 21 (yes, I started young)

6. I have two kids

7. Became a homeowner at 23

8. I have a dog named Rusty

9. I don’t like crowed places

10. Sunshine makes me happy

11. I was an artist in High School (maybe I still am deep down inside)

12. I had a dog named Megan growing up

13. I like small dogs

14. I am clumsy

15. I have a hard time walking in heels

16. I live in workouts clothes

17. I don’t like to be the center of attention

18. I used to work at a gym

19. I used to be a fitness instructor ( I don’t know how I did it since I’m afraid to be in front of a lot of people)

20. I am a personal trainer but I don’t have a 6 pack or even a flat stomach. I have a mom pouch (and stretch marks)

21. I am addicted to peanut butter. Its serious.

22. My favorite store is Target.

23. I am indecisive at times

24. I have changed the color of my living room four times (don’t know what I was thinking)

25. I love all things home and garden

26. I won a spelling bee in 7th grade

27. It’s been almost 16 years since I ate a hamburger

28. I turned vegetarian almost a year ago

29. I don’t like meat

30. I like to lift weights, do HIIT and practice yoga

31. I love being outdoors

32. I love to laugh. I try not to take anything too seriously.

33. I’m not the best dancer but I still love dancing

34. I’m a fan of the Twilight saga. I don’t get tired of watching the movies. (My husband laughs at me)

35. I would love to be on dancing with the stars

36. One of my favorite movies is Dirty Dancing

37. I find blogging therapeutic

Today, my kids and I went to Target where I tried on a lot of swimsuits but didn’t like any. So well I waited for my daughter in the dressing room, I sucked in my stomach and took some pictures 🙂


I was concentrating hard on keeping it in

In the afternoon, we went to my friend Nancy’s house and hung out by the pool.


Her house is beautiful



Working on my tan


The view from her pool


My son had fun jumping in


She made me this brownie ice cream cake, put a candle in it and sang me happy birthday. She’s so sweet. I made my son eat at least 1/2. He didn’t mind.

It seems like everyone is putting dessert in front of me today so my rules are down the drain as we speak. Looks like I’ll be starting over tomorrow. I’m not stressed over it because what I’ve learned is when you when you mess up and fall down, you get back up and keep walking.

Thanks for reading.


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