Vegan weekend Part 2


How is your week going? This post is part two of my vegan weekend which was suppose to be posted over a  week ago but I got super busy and didn’t get to it; but it’s never too late to share good food, right?

Although I eat a lot of vegan food, I’m still vegetarian especially on the weekends. That’s usually when I splurge on something like pizza but I’m trying hard to move away from that routine of eating so healthy during the week and eating whatever I want on the weekends so I made it a goal to eat vegan all weekend. It felt great. I didn’t feel deprived one bit. I actually enjoyed it.  Since we barbecued I had to be creative so I searched vegan BBQ recipes on Pinterest. Don’t you love Pinterest? 


Mushroom, zucchini and onion kabobs. Marinated with some liquid aminos, salt and pepper. Yum.  

I found a lot of great recipes but some were a little too complex for my taste so I made my own simplified versions.  

Sweet potatoes. My Favorite!

I simply brushed them with grapeseed oil and sprinkled with Italian seasoning.    My potatoes took longer than expected. Maybe it was the way I cut them. We had to start dinner without them But when they were done, they were so good!


So there’s a glimpse of some of the food we barbecued on a very hot vegan weekend. What foods do you enjoy on the weekend?

I’ll be back soon to tell why I’ve been so busy.


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