Homemade Acai Bowl 


How was your Monday? I am not quite used to this time change yet and I’m still not sure why we have a time change anyway. Who enjoys it being dark at 5:00pm?

This weekend I made a yummy acai bowl. I recently went to a smoothie bowl shop and ordered one just like this. As I ate it, I thought this would be pretty simple to make myself and probably cost a lot less so I bought a large pack last time I was at Costco.

Do you ever feel like you’re speaking another language when you pronounce Acai? I still have trouble saying it correctly, according to my daughter.

IMG_1349I think it was around $10. Not bad for 10 individual pouches.

Btw, I just realized the picture on the front of the package looks a lot like the bowl I made. Trust me, I didn’t notice that until now. So I guess acai with bananas and granola is quite common afterall.


They have some recipes on the back but I haven’t tried any yet.


I used two of these packets for my smoothie bowl. One packet was not going to cut it.

I ran under water for 5 seconds like the instructions said, then I threw in my Ninja and blended away.

Next, I poured into a bowl, added some sliced bananas, granola and hempseeds and enjoyed every minute of it.


Once granola was gone, I added more hempseeds. Yum.


Quite yummy, I must say.



2 Acai pouches

1/2 banana (sliced)

Handful of Granola ( I wanted to make my own but didn’t have the time or patience so I bought the cleanest version I could find at my local Sprouts)

1/2 Tbs. of Hempseeds


Blend Acai and add toppings

How hard is that? It took less than 5 minutes to put together and if it took any longer, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it. Lol.

Speaking of hempseeds, I received this free sample from Manitoba Harvest a few weeks ago and I’ve been putting them on everything. Tomorrow I will be writing a review and holding my first ever giveaway. What? Hempseeds, of course 🙂


Enjoy! Now I’m off to watch some Dancing with the Stars. Do you ever watch it? I’m a little obsessed.

Have a good evening.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Acai Bowl 

  1. Peace.Love.Veggies says:

    Yum! Acai has become my absolute fave ingredient for breakfast! Also I made homemade granola the other day and it was the easiest most delicious way to do it! Just blend refrigerated dates, shredded coconut, oats & some coconut sugar!

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