Clean after Halloween


How are you today? I feel kind of like junk. Why? Because I over splurged on Halloween Candy. I always say I’m going to stay strong and resist the candy but who am I trying to fool? I’m human and I’m weak, especially when it comes to chocolate. I often hear, its ok as long as its in moderation but I also hear and believe that if there’s a certain food you do not have enough discipline to eat in moderation, you should not have it in your house. This my relationship with peanut butter and chocolate. Its bad. Can anyone relate?

Anyhow, I threw out all the candy today. Well, I didn’t throw it out, I sent it with my husband to work. Not for him, for his co-workers. Maybe that’s not setting the best example but I know they will eat it. I have this thing about letting stuff go to waste.


Now, its time to detox. Here are some of the foods I enjoy after a splurge. It helps me feel clean and normal again.

First and foremost, WATER!

IMG_1414LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! I usually drink 16oz first thing in the morning, followed by a hot cup of lemon water

For lunch my son and I shared some quinoa with apples, raisins and pecans. He didn’t want it but I made him eat it. Then, he realized its not that bad 🙂 Kids.



For dinner, I made a big crockpot of my lentil and brown rice soup for dinner IMG_1408

For breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, almond milk and hempseeds. My favorite. I usually have a smoothie or oatmeal but this morning was so cold and I needed something hot.


Next I need to make a batch of these green smoothies. I missed them during the time while I was working full time and had time for nothing.


I like to drink at least one smoothie a day. Usually for breakfast, after a workout or an afternoon “pick me up”


Mango and Banana. That was my favorite this summer. Its making my mouth water right now.

And who can forget the chocolate frosty! This chocolate I never feel guilty about.


Today is Taco Tuesday at my house, well according to my son. So as they have their turkey meat tacos I will enjoy some veggie tacos and sweet potatoes. Btw, I am vegetarian, my family is not. Although they eat a lot more plant based meals than they used to. I’m working on it.


So there you have it. I enjoy eating healthy but I fall short sometimes so this is what I will be eating lately. I have 3 weeks until the next big temptation comes. Thanksgiving! Can you believe its November already? Where has this year gone?

I’ll be back with my hemphearts post later.

Off to workout and see my clients. Have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Clean after Halloween

  1. Meg says:

    I went nuts with the Halloween candy, too. Trying to pass off the candy to friends and coworkers (we only had a few Trick-or-Treaters and a Costco-sized bag of candy, aah!). Thanks for the clean eating ideas!

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