Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends 

After yoga, my husband and I took our dog for a walk and enjoyed this beautiful day.    

 Aren’t those clouds pretty?

How did you enjoy your thanksgiving? 

Every year we go to my husband’s parents house which I love because they live only a few miles away and my mother in law is the best cook. Every year she does all the cooking and I bring a side, aka my sweet potatoes. This year I also brought a salad. 

This year I decided to make my mashed sweet potatoes in the crockpot because you know I like convenience when cooking. It was so simple. I peeled and cut the potatoes into chunks, threw in crockpot and 4 hours later they were ready to be mashed. I added cinnamon, butter (vegan), almond milk, and many syrup. Everyone said they turned on it good.            

Taste testing     

This is my second “meatless” thanksgiving 🙂

My mother in law makes the best broccoli casserole.  

Checking out those “Black Friday” deals. Did you or do you plan on partaking in all that deal shopping? I’m normally against it but this year I went for one thing only. More on that later. 

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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