Is Black Friday worth it?      


I hope you had nice thanksgiving.  We had a great time with our family and enjoyed some yummy food but after a couple days of splurging, I was glad to get on track today with a green smoothie and some sweet potatoes and a veggie burger. Splurging on food I don’t normally eat is fun but I always look forward to going back to healthy eating.

So, did you do any Black Friday shopping??? I am normally anti-black Friday because I personally do not have the patience to deal with huge crowds and long lines to get a “deal” For the most part, sales are offered all month long and you can buy a lot of gifts online so I usually don’t bother on Black Friday. Years ago, I used to show up on Black Friday to find what I came for was already sold out so I have been against it ever since.

This year however, something spiked my interest at Target. The $250 giftcard with Iphone. What? I have been wanting a new IPhone for years. I’m not one to get the latest and greatest when it comes to phones or electronics. I couldn’t afford to anyway. So as much as I dislike crowds and chaos, my daughter and I went to Target on black Friday which now starts on Thanksgiving at 6pm. It seems to happen earlier every year which seems a little unfair for the employees.

My daughter and I showed up 30 minutes before the store opened to find a long line already. When we got in the store, there was already about 8 people lined up for Iphones. It took each person 20-30 minutes to get their phone purchased and activated so I knew it was going to be a while. We waited in line for an hour and then we left for an hour thinking that would be enough time. When we arrived back at the store, there was still a long wait. I was getting a little inpatient and starting to get a headache.

This is what we looked like after a few hours. Drained.


Thankfully, we had some nice people around us to talk to while waiting.

While we waiting, we took turns looking around the store. My daughter found a pair of boots and some cute scarves. All apparel and boots were 40% off!

After 4 long hours, I finally had my new Iphone in Rose Gold. Btw, it was the last one in the size and color I wanted.


And my $250 Target giftcard.IMG_0013-0

I came home with a headache but I also had a new phone and a giftcard.

So was it worth it?


Because I go the phone I wanted with 0 down (just tax) and was able to buy some things we needed like a new printer.


And of course some gifts, which I purchased online.


Would I do it again?


Unless its something big that’s going to save a lot of $$$$ I will pass.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Do you think it should be on Thanksgiving or is that taking away from the whole meaning of Thanksgiving?

If I ever go again, I will not go on Thanksgiving.

How far are you willing to go to save big?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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