DIY Gifts

Good Morning

I know Christmas is over but today I’m sharing the gifts I gave the teachers at my son’s school for Christmas since I did not have a chance to share earlier.


A while back I shared a lemon sugar scrub recipe hereimg_0113

To make it a little sweeter, I added some scrubbing gloves and Trader Joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They are my favorite. img_0111

The gloves were around $3 with a cartwheel coupon at Target. The bags are from TJ Maxx. Another great deal. img_0110

Cute right?img_0114

I used these cute 4oz ball jars I found at Target for around $5


It smells great!


Here’s the recipe for the sugar scrub:

1 cup of sugar (organic)

1 cup of coconut oil (unrefined)

15-20 drops of lemon essential oil (or more)

Mix ingredients together and place into jars

I mixed by hand but you can also use a mixer if you desire 

This recipe made 4 – 4oz containers of sugar scrub. 

It makes a great gift anytime of the year.

Cost breakdown for each gift:

Gloves 3.30

Jar 1.40

Chocolate 1.00 

Giftbag 1.00

Sugar scrub .50

Total $7.20

Not too bad right? I considered candles or bath and body sets at the store but they were more like $10-15. DIY made more sense and it was simple so I enjoyed it. 

Do you enjoy DIY or would you rather buy a gift at the store?

Have a great day!


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