Goals for 2016


I waited until the very last day of January to post my goals for the year. Not really. I’ve been on the go alot and sort of put it off but today is a very rainy day and I figure its a good time to sit down and get my goals together. I thought curling up on the couch but this more productive.

New Years resolutions are a thing of the past for me. Year after year, I would write a super long list of things I wanted to accomplish and never take into consideration how difficult they were and failed to create a plan on how I would accomplish them. Every year, my goal was to lose weight. Although I could stand to lose 5 or 10 pounds after the winter, it is no longer my focus. I’ll explain a little later.

If something seems to overwhelming, most people including myself will give up. In order to reach goals, they much be reachable.

As I sit here and write, my mind is flooded with all the things I want to accomplish this year but instead of writing it all and later getting upset with myself for not getting it all done, I will keep it short and simple because for me, that’s the only way it gets done.

EDUCATE –My main goal in this category is to complete my NASM personal trainer certification. I started on in last year and never finished. I will also be attending IDEA world 2016 and Blogfest which I’m so excited about. Last year, I was not able to make it and was pretty disappointed.

READ OFTEN- I think reading is so important and have let it slip in the last year. There are so many books I want to read and continue reading (yes I start and don’t finish sometimes) but the book that is at the top of my list is the bible. 

LOVE MYSELF – Oh boy. This is a hard one! Instead of criticizing my body as I tend to do, I will treat it with more love and care.

IMPROVE MY POSTURE- I have dealt with chronic back pain for years and I’m very tired of it so I’m committing to yoga every day in addition to my strength training routines.

ORGANIZE AND DECORATE MY KIDS ROOMS: This is a fun one for me because I love DIY and decorating, almost as much as fitness.

I will post a breakdown of each of my goals in future posts so keep and eye out because I have a lot to say. 🙂

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Veggies in Vegas (day 2)

Hello Again

Today was day two of my Vegas trip and it was yummy!

I skipped lunch and went back to our hotel room to do yoga.  All the sitting during the chiropractic seminar is making yoga an absolute  necessity. #hotelyoga

We went to Todd English Pub for dinner. It’s right next to the Aria hotel. The hotel is lovely by the way.

 I appreciated the variety on the menu. But I’m not sure if I appreciated this vegetarian joke. J/k  Vegetarian: an old Indian word for bad hunter.   I guess I’m a bad hunter. Lol.

I ordered Todds mushroom tacos with a salad instead of rice. Not exactly vegan but definitely vegetarian. Just omit the cheese.

So delicious!    The bowl is salad was larger than I expected.

    It was dark inside so it was hard to capture the clear details of these tacos but they were amazing. That’s all you need to know:)

After dinner we went to the Marquee at Aria. 

 Pretty flowers outside the entrance 

 Those chandeliers are something else  I love when our photographer shoots when we’re not ready.  

 Can you tell we’re having fun? 

The Aria is a new hip and happening place. I definitely want to come back. 

Have you been to Vegas lately?

Talk to you soon.



Veggies in Vegas 

Hey There

I am currently in Las Vegas for a Chiropractic seminar with my boss and his wife. The last time I was in Vegas was 12 years ago with my husband. I’m not much of a traveler, more of a homebody. Although I like to visit places, there’s nothing like my own bed. 

I actually woke up to the sunset this morning. It’s rare that I’m up that early. We have a pretty decent view.

Aside from learning lots of health and wellness stuff, I am enjoying trying new food and I’m impressed with some of the vegan/vegetarian options I’ve come across so far.   

Today we had lunch at “A slice of Vegas” in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay. They serve pizza and more. They even had a vegan menu. Hooray!

I ordered the portobello mushroom sandwich which came with bell peppers, onions and Daiya cheese. The sweet potato fries were delish! I normally don’t eat bread but today I made an exception 🙂
 We are dinner at a Mexican place called “Diablos” on the strip. I ordered veggie fajitas. Just veggies and black beans. They were so yummy!
  This food was great but a little high in price. $23 for veggie fajitas. 

 I ate more than I usually do in a day but I’d like to think I burned it off. We have walked miles and miles today. The seminar is about a 20 minute walk from our hotel room. 

I’m excited to learn more tomorrow and try some more new food 🙂

Bye for now


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Friends!

As I write this, I want to close my eyes and go to sleep but my son is insistent on all of us staying up until midnight. I’m not sure how he has so much energy after our trail run today.   

The hills were brutal but it didn’t  last very long. The route took about 30 minutes. My husband was ahead of us the whole time, as usual. My son wanted to give up towards the end so I suggested he hold my hand and I could pull him and then he said “that’s not a good idea, there’s people over there and they might see me” I then remembered he’s 11 and a lot of things are embarrassing 🙂  

The horse stables was our finish line.  

We made it! It had been a while since we’ve been but I’m so glad went. I love the peaceful surroundings.

After church, we spent the evening at home baking cookies and watching TV. My kind of night 🙂   


1 cup of peanut butter

1 Egg (organic)

1/2 cup of sugar (I used coconut sugar)

1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips

(To make it vegan, replace egg with a flax egg (1tbs ground flax with 1tbs of water) and omit chocolate chips) 

Mix ingredients, roll into balls and bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

There’s was a scripture that stood out to me in church today:

“So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom” -Psalms 90:12

I am grateful for everyday and all I have learned this year. I’m so excited for a new year what it will bring.

Happy New Year