Veggies in Vegas (day 2)

Hello Again

Today was day two of my Vegas trip and it was yummy!

I skipped lunch and went back to our hotel room to do yoga.  All the sitting during the chiropractic seminar is making yoga an absolute  necessity. #hotelyoga

We went to Todd English Pub for dinner. It’s right next to the Aria hotel. The hotel is lovely by the way.

 I appreciated the variety on the menu. But I’m not sure if I appreciated this vegetarian joke. J/k  Vegetarian: an old Indian word for bad hunter.   I guess I’m a bad hunter. Lol.

I ordered Todds mushroom tacos with a salad instead of rice. Not exactly vegan but definitely vegetarian. Just omit the cheese.

So delicious!    The bowl is salad was larger than I expected.

    It was dark inside so it was hard to capture the clear details of these tacos but they were amazing. That’s all you need to know:)

After dinner we went to the Marquee at Aria.

 Pretty flowers outside the entrance

 Those chandeliers are something else  I love when our photographer shoots when we’re not ready.

 Can you tell we’re having fun?

The Aria is a new hip and happening place. I definitely want to come back.

Have you been to Vegas lately?

Talk to you soon.



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