Love yourself 

Hey ya’ll 🙂

Since this is the month of love, let’s talk about self love. It’s also on my goals list for 2016.

Why in the world is this the hardest thing to do? Why do we, especially women have such a hard time loving ourself for who we are and what we look like?

I don’t know about you but this is something I struggle with. More than I would like to admit.

I remember a good co-worker friend of mine always telling me “you’re too hard on yourself.” I never really understood why she said that. I thought she was just being nice 🙂 Now that I think of it, I was young, was the perfect weight, looked pretty cute and yet I still found fault in myself. Why?  

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you are what you believe” or “your body achieves what the mind believes” To be honest, the more I think I’m fat, the fatter I become. The more I dislike my body, the worse it becomes.

I’ve had enough!

 This year, I have vowed to work on myself. I cannot guarantee I will change completely but I am committed to working towards more self love.

I will eat, move, speak and act like I love myself.    And remind myself it’s okay not to be perfect. After all, it’s our imperfections that makes us who we are.

I have spent too many years criticizing my imperfections and it’s time to stop. As a mom of a teen girl, I need to set the example.

So that is one of my main goals this year. I will be back with more.

Do you have any struggles in this area?

Thank you for reading a slightly deeper side of me 🙂


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