Yoga At Home

Good Morning Everyone

I am happy to say I have been in a good daily yoga routine lately. As much as I love doing yoga at a studio, I don’t always have the time but I will not let that stop me from practicing yoga.

A while back I was searching for yoga videos for scoliosis and I came across Sara Beth and fell in love with her videos. Her yoga videos are easy to follow and her instruction is perfect. For me a calm voice and clear instruction is so important. I never like to feel rushed or confused.

There is a variety of her videos I like to do but the one I do every single day is “Monday Morning Yoga” It’s only 15 minutes long and it always gets me going. I do it right when I wake up. I deal with chronic back pain so its important for me to loosen up before doing my regular workout in the morning. This does the job!

Here’s my little yoga space. Thanks to YouTube, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, or virtually anywhere.


15 minutes is not a long yoga session but it’s so much better than nothing. A few times a week I will do a longer yoga session in the afternoon.

Yoga has made a huge difference in my health and well-being, I encourage everyone to get in yoga whenever and however they can.

Have a great day!




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