Trail Therapy

Good Morning

Is there anything better than being outdoors?

This summer I started going to the trail a couple times a week and it is pure bliss for me. 

Yes the hills are tough and sometimes I can barely move but there is something so peaceful about being out here.

Sometimes I get upset when my husband runs ahead of me and leaves me in the dust but at the same time I love when he leaves me behind because it gives me a chance to soak up everything around me. At the moment when I’m alone, I feel so calm and grounded.

This summer I got my son to start coming with me.

And my dog.

And my friends dogs sometimes too. 🙂

I love the feeling of my heart pounding, the sun shining on me and breathing the fresh air.

The trail makes me happy. How do you feel about working out outdoors?

Have a good day.


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