Blogfest was a Blast

Hello Friends,

It was exactly one week ago, I woke up at 4:45 am. to get ready for the first day of IDEA world and Blogfest. If you know you me, you know I’m not an early riser. Getting up before 6am is pretty rare but I was so excited to attend.

IDEA world is an annual convention of everything fitness, nutrition and overall wellness with over 14,000 personal trainers, group instructors, gym/studio owners and more in attendance. This year it was held in Los Angeles, CA so I was able to commute to and from Orange County everyday which was great but I had to make sure I gave myself enough time each morning to deal with dreadful LA traffic.

Blogfest is a smaller group within IDEA World convention that is exclusive to about 150 bloggers.

The first morning, we were treated to a delicious breakfast by the Bell Institute

Fruit, granola and coffee. Who could ask for more?



This Cherry, almond & quinoa granola was so delicious, I took some to go.

Lunch was served by Pure Protein and was Pure deliciousnessimg_2239

We spent the rest of the day learning about blogging, social media tips, and my favorite of all; Food Photography! We had the pleasure of listening to  Brooke Bass of Chocolate + Marrow  Her blog is filled with stunning food photos so check her out if you’re looking for inspiration or just feel like drooling over food. She discusssed styling, finding the right lighting, difussing light, shooting from different angles and more.  I can’t wait to apply what I learned!

This was by far, my favorite part of the day because I have developed a love of photgraphing food. When I was a kid, I loved photography. I’ll never forget the day I got my first camera, the mickie-matic. lol. I wish I had an original photo of it but I don’t so I found this one online 🙂 It was the cutest little thing.


I had the blue one which doesn’t make sense because I always prefer pink. Now that I think about it, Target was out of pink but I didn’t care because I had to have it. My portfolio included photos of my dog, my barbie’s, and landscapes which hasn’t changed much except for Barbie’s. Ah, memories!

Ok back to Blogfest, Friday was another awesome morning as we were treated to amazing green smoothies by Silk and had the pleasure of listening to The Blender Girl herself Tess Masters share alot on the plant based diet. I plan on creating a separate post on this soon.



The highlight of Friday was meeting Gunnar Peterson. His workout was awesome so of course I got out my phone so I could capture some of it and post to snapchat all while still doing the exercises. I thought I was being discreet when all of a sudden, I heard him say “hey, no texting!” I looked up and realized he was talking to me. Omg! I was embarrassed and hoped he didn’t think I was rude so after class I asked to take a photo with him and he was totally cool, even joking about my “texting” during the workout. Boy, I wish he could be my trainer.


And then it was lunch time, served by Morningstar Farms Omg! This white bean chili burger was so delish I went back for a second one. I can’t wait to buy this at the store.


Saturday, I attended the Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit and I loved it. There was so much good information and will be elaborating on it in a separate post. Maybe even more than one post. 🙂


During our lunch break from classes, we had one final workout presented by beachbody. It was a combination of turbokick, cize, insanity and piyo. I hope I didn’t miss any.


My friend Christiana captured me in the 180 jump squat.

When it was over, this sweet celeb trainer and author named Jorge Cruise dropped in with his new book Tiny and Full. I can’t wait to read it.



He was a sweetheart and even said he loved my outfit. Awe. 🙂 I sure hope to see more of him soon.

Here’s one last photo of the Fit Approach crew and I after the workout. I am beyond thankful for the founders Jaime and Alyse for putting blogfest together and making it such an awesome experience. Because of these two lovely ladies and their crew, I was able to be a part of this amazing experience, make new friends and most importantly step out of my shell.


As a wife and a mom, its never easy leaving for 3 days to attend a fitness convention but it’s so worth it! I came away with more inspiration and motivation then I imagined.

Next year’s convention will be in Las Vegas and I already can’t wait.

Thank you for reading the highlights of my blogfest experience.  I will be talking more about it in posts to come. 🙂


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