Goal for 2017

Well Hello 2017

Yes, we are over 1/2 through February and I am just now talking about my goals, as usual.

This year feels so surreal to me because this is the year my daughter will turn 18 and graduate high school. What? How did this happen? Where did the time go? How is my first-born child going to be an adult already?

And, my husband who I met when I was almost 19 and he was 20, will turn 40 this year! 40? To be honest, I never imagined us older passed our 20’s . Well, that came and went fast.

With everything happening so fast, all I can do is savor every moment of every day because time is NOT slowing down anytime soon.

My number one goal this year is an obvious one.


I remember as a young new mom, I looked forward to my kids getting older and becoming more independent thinking that’s when things would get easier and that didn’t happen. I remember one of my older friends saying it gets harder as they get older and I thought to myself there’s no way it can get harder than waking up in the middle of the night, feedings, changing diapers and everything else than comes along with having a baby. Well, she was right. It does get harder!  As my kids get older, the challenges just change. Just wait until they start talking back. So fun.

I was recently talking to a friend whose kids are all grown up now and she was telling me how she wished she could go back to when her kids were young and slow down and just live in the moment. I admit to feeling the same way sometimes but there’s no turning back. All we can do is move forward and enjoy NOW.

So my main focus this year is to BE PRESENT with everything around me and enjoy every moment of every day because all we have is today.

Ferris Bueller said it nicely.


There are other things I want to work on as always, but none are as important to me as this. So for now, that is it.

Enjoy today!


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