20 years ago 

Happy 4th of July Everyone

Today I would like to share a little story with you.

On 4th of July exactly 20 years ago my friend Tracy and I decided to go to a night club in Hollywood called Florentine Gardens.

We walked around the club a couple times before a guy walked up to me and asked if my friend and I wanted to dance. I was in no way interested in him, but I said sure. I noticed he had a friend standing behind him so I figured my friend would dance with his friend. 

We walked out to the dance floor and I ended up dancing with his friend instead. I didn’t mind because he cute. 🙂 He was also a great dancer.

After hours of dancing we walked outside and talked forever. He definitely had my attention.

He and his friend asked if we wanted to go eat after but my friend Tracy wanted to go home so she said “why don’t you just give him your number and you guys can get together another time.” I’m like thanks for putting me on the spot. Lol. So I said to him, “would you like my number?” I was nervous because what if he said no and I look like a fool but he said yes so I gave him my number and he called me the next day while I was at work. Actually, he didn’t call me, he paged me. If you grew up in the 90s I’m sure you remember pagers. If not, you missed out. Jk.

Anyway,  I didn’t end up taking to him until two days later. I remember sitting in my pjs on a Sunday morning and talking to him for hours.

We saw each other the rest of that holiday weekend and then it was time for him to leave. He was in the Marines and stationed about two hours away so I knew I wouldn’t see him again until the following weekend.

I had such a great time with him those 3 days but I wondered if we would see each other again or if he would even call me but he did call me and we saw each other every weekend after that.

The next year we got married and the rest is history.

I always think to myself what if I danced with the other guy that night or what if my husband never called but I know everything happens for a reason and it was meant to be.

You never imagine you would meet a decent guy at a nightclub or your husband for that matter but I did.

Twenty years, two kids and a dog later, I’m happy my friend and I decided to go out dancing that night.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading the story of how I met my husband.

Happy 4th!


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