Splurges are ok (sometimes)


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Last night, we finally used the gift card my husband’s brother gave us last Christmas. Not sure why it took us so long but it was worth the wait.

I ordered the gardein “chicken” and avocado sandwich.


Before I turned vegetarian 3 years ago, my favorite thing to eat at yardhouse was the regular chicken and avocado sandwich so I was happy to find out they made a meatless version using gardein instead of chicken. My mouth is watering just talking about it. It’s so worthy if it’s whopping 900 calories. Yes 900!

Speaking of calories, do you count them? To be completely honest I don’t always.  The thought of counting macros/calories all the time kind of hurts my head. Instead I follow the 80/20 rule.

I almost always order a salad because its keeps me satisfied until our food is served. I figure it’s better than indulging in hefty appetizer I’d later regret. We used to order the spinach cheese dip (so good) but not worth the calories. Especially when I’m having a 900 calorie sandwich! I suppose you could eliminate the mayo & cheese but because I don’t often dine out, I like to enjoy all of it!


The sweet potato fries are pretty amazing too!


On a good day, I would eat about 1/2 of my food and bring the rest home to eat the next day but this time I really went for it. I only had a bite left. I’ll blame it on PMS.

Naturally I started to feel guilty for eating so much but I refuse to go down that old road. The road of beating myself up over it and trying to make up for it the next week by eating hardly nothing and then feeling so deprived I cave in and splurge even more, No thanks, I now choose to enjoy my treat meals. even if I go a little overboard sometimes.

How about you?



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