My name is Marlene. I am wife and a mom of two kids and a dog named Rusty who loves all things fitness and food (mostly food).

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Functional Training with an emphasis on corrective exercise. For years I have dealt with chronic back pain and in the process of healing my own body, I have developed a passion for helping people heal theirs by correcting muscle imbalances, improving posture and helping them move more efficiently. And of course, get in better shape! I believe feeling (and looking good) is a by product of treating your body better by what you put in it and how you move it.


Exercise is a huge part of my life and for me, it helps keep anxiety and depression and depression at bay. I believe exercise AND a healthy whole food diet is a natural cure to these disabling conditions.

Cooking has never been a passion of mine but eating healthy is important to me so I make it a point to make good food that is simple and easy for anyone to make. I share some of my easy to make smoothies, snacks, dishes and desserts here under the “Food” tab. 🙂


I look forward to meeting others who share the same interests.






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