Penne Pasta Salad 


Have you heard of Banza? Pasta made from chickpeas?

Just a couple of months I ago I was walking around IDEA world fitness convention looking for a snack because I was so hungry in between sessions so I stopped by the Banza booth and was given a little sample of pasta and it did not disappoint. My instant reaction was this is made of garbanzo beans? But it tastes so yummy. I have nothing against garbanzo beans, I just didn’t expect it to taste so good. I’m a big fan of beans, I do love my hummus. And because I’m a vegetarian, beans are a staple in my diet. Continue reading

Today I’m 38

Hey Friends

It’s been a while. Well, today I’m 38. Yes it’s hard to believe I will be a 40 year old in only two years. I never imagined it, I thought I would be 21 forever. No joke. I thought my 20s would last forever. But I can’t complain because with age comes wisdom and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I have learned a lot in my 30s and I know it will only get better. Continue reading