21 Day Challenge (Week One)

Hey Friends,

How are you?

A little over a week ago I decided to join Noelle Benepe’s “Booty Core and More” 21 day challenge. I have been following Noelle on Instagram for quite some time because she is pure inspiration. I have been in what I call a winter slump and needing a change and motivation so I decided to give her challenge a try. I just completed week one and I’m feeling good so far.
This challenge has been filled with squats, lunges, bridges, and every
“booty” exercise imaginable. My butt has been on fire this week and I’m loving it.

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Vegan Weekened Part 1


I hope you had a nice weekend. How was the weather where you live? We had a triple digit weekend but that didn’t stop us from going about our usual routine which included some High Intensity Interval training in our garage (aka our home gym) At this point, the temp was 91 degrees so it made for a super intense workout.


The picture I posted on snapchat Saturday.


The HIIT workout was only 15 minutes in duration but felt like 30 with the short rest (15 seconds) and hot temp. It was one of those workouts that made you feel proud when you finish. Like, how did I just do that?

Following the workout we took our dog on a walk in the heat. Are we crazy? Sometimes. When we got back I needed fuel ASAP so I made this smoothie which made me feel alive again.





1 Frozen Banana

1 Fuji Apple

1 celery stalk

1 handful of spinach

16 ounces of Almond Milk

1 scoop of Sunwarrior Protein

Blend all ingredients and Enjoy.

Note: I made a larger than normal serving to share with my husband and son.

One more thing, its only on weekends that I have patience to use this many ingredients. During the week, its two ingredients max because its much more enjoyable when it’s simple right?

People sometimes say I’m crazy for working out in hot temps but I always feel looser and more efficient when its hot. Maybe not 100 degrees, but 80 always feels good. How do you feel about working out in the heat?

Tomorrow I’ll be back with what I made for dinner.

Have a great day!


How I feel about working out


How are you?

This morning was cold and cloudy and as usual I wanted to stay inside and be cozy but I had plans to go for a walk with my friend. I considered cancelling but I forced myself to go. We walked a neighborhood in the hills which made for a very heart pumping walk. It always helps to have someone to talk to on my walks (other than my dog) Of course, I felt great after and was glad I went. Continue reading

This happens every year


How are you?

Each year I say I’m not going to let it happen but somehow it still happens. What am I talking about? Gaining weight in the winter. I can’t believe I just said that. To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit since I am a personal trainer and help people get fit and healthy but at the same time it’s what keeps me real. When people I help tell me their struggles I always tell them how much I understand… because I really I do. I know what it’s like to struggle. Continue reading


Hi Friends,

This week’s Beauty Detox Blogger Assignment topic is “Inspiration”


image image

I find inspiration from nature, my family and other fit people like Tara and Kimberly but my life long inspiration has always been my Aunt Marlene. Yes, we have the same name. And no, that’s not why she’s my inspiration:)


If I could use one word to describe her, it would be “Amazing” Not only does she look amazing for her age, she is amazing.

My aunt is a mother of five children. That’s right. Five! Growing up, I saw her raise her children, be a good wife, work full-time, own a home at a young age, run marathons, stay super fit and always succeed at everything she did. I always thought she was perfect.

As a child, I loved going to her house and eating all the good food she had ( I liked to eat a lot back then) I enjoyed going to the park, the beach, shopping and working out with her.

What has inspired me most about my Aunt Marlene is her passion for Fitness. Being a busy mom, she always found the time to get her exercise in even if that meant running during her lunch hour. I wanted to be just like her.

As I child, I used to ask my mom why she named me after my aunt Marlene and she answered because she loved her sister so much and wanted to give her daughter that name. At the time, I still didn’t get it and wondered why I didn’t have my own name. Typical girl 🙂

My aunt has inspired me to do so much. She inspired me to be a good mom, a homeowner by the age of 23 and start by own personal training business by 30. She is always telling me how proud she is of me and how I can accomplish anything but it’s because of the inspiration and positive support she gave me at a young age that motivated me.

I would like to say how proud I am to be named after such a beautiful and inspirational person as my Aunt Marlene.

Thank you for reading.


7 days of Yoga – Day 1

Good Morning Friends,

Today is Day 1 of putting Yoga first.

I have practiced yoga for years at home and at a studio but lately I put it on the back burner. I usually do my weight training or cardio in the morning and do yoga later in the day if I have time but I haven’t been getting it accomplished lately. Needless to say, my hips are tight and I have a nagging tight hamstring that will not ease up so I’m focusing all my energy on yoga this week.

I will put my yoga before my other workouts even if it means I take a few days off. My super tight hamstring is a sign a need more yoga. My body usually lets me know 😀

I enjoy taking classes at my local yoga studio but most of the time I do it at home. It saves me time and $. I have a collection of DVDs and a lot of favorites but my absolute favorite is Tamal Dodge. He’s the only one I always coming back to.Tamal’s instruction is always so clear, calm and easy to follow. I have all three of his DVDs but this one is my favorite. “Intro to Yoga”


There are two programs: Fundamentals and Intermediate. I do “fundamentals” most because I feel it covers everything and provides a balance of challenge and relaxation. My body thanks me after.

I will be back to check in and share my progress over the next 7 days.