I quit my job!

Hello There,

I have been home all day for the first time in almost 9 years and its feels amazing. Why?

I quit my job! Why is it such a big deal? Because I have been waiting so long to do it! Before I say anymore, let me take you back to where it all started.

10 years ago I was a personal trainer at a local commercial gym. I loved working with  clients of all ages and fitness levels; some were limited and could barely move and some were in better shape than me! Haha. It allowed me to be creative when designing programs and I loved that.

After a couple of years, I grew tired of the “gym” environment and left. I decided I was going to continue personal training because I really loved it but this time I would be on my own.

Although it was an exciting new adventure I was scared of not making it; I was scared of not making enough income as I would have in the gym. It’s a lot easier when you have potential new clients in front of you everyday vs having to find your own clients. So instead of trying to make it on my own in personal training I got a part-time job so this way I would have stable income every month while I work on building my personal training business. I thought it was a good decision because money was tight and I could not afford to take a loss in income.

In 2009, I  took a job in a chiropractic office as a front desk/office assistant; I answered phones, scheduled appointments, collected payments, verified insurance and so on. Although it was very busy at times and required multi tasking, it was a fairly simple job. I liked the fact that it was in the wellness industry and I was able to learn more about health and wellness while I was there. It was also nice interacting with patients every day and being part of a practice that helped people feel better. ( I will miss them )


My plan was to work there until I was able to build my fitness business to a point that I no longer needed that job. So I worked there 3 days a week and the other 2 days I would work on my training business. Over the years I had 1-3 clients at a time but it never grew more than that and I became comfortable with it. I knew that if my personal training business got slow I had my chiropractic job to fall back on and so that went on for years and years until recently I became very unhappy there. Why was I so unhappy? Was it the pay? The hours? The sitting at a desk all day? Although those were contributing factors it came down to the fact that I was working for someone else not doing what I really wanted to do. I am meant to be a personal trainer; my passion is helping people live healthier.

What happened to my original plan? Did I just become so comfortable that I put my dream on the back burner?  I remembered my number #1 goal this year and it is to make myself proud! You can see the full post here.


How was I going to make myself proud if I stood in the same place year after year and not pursue my true passion? I realized it was time to take a leap of faith and let go of anything that was standing in my way so two weeks ago I gave my notice and today was my first day without a job. Kind of scary right? As scary as it is, I have such peace with my decision.

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There was a time I did not believe in myself and it left me in the same place for years, but I believe in me now! I believe I can do it!

Soon, I will turn forty and I figure it is time to let go of the fear.


This photo was taken on my 39th birthday last year. That day I had a vision of achieving everything I have wanted for my 40th birthday but have been too afraid to go after.

So what’s next???? I’ll tell you in the next post. Otherwise this is going to turn into a long book!


The whole point in sharing this story is because I allowed fear to hold me back from so much and although stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, I believe it is the only way to grow!

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Is there anything holding you back because of fear? I would love to hear about it.

Until next time,

Marlene 🙂