Penne Pasta Salad 


Have you heard of Banza? Pasta made from chickpeas?

Just a couple of months I ago I was walking around IDEA world fitness convention looking for a snack because I was so hungry in between sessions so I stopped by the Banza booth and was given a little sample of pasta and it did not disappoint. My instant reaction was this is made of garbanzo beans? But it tastes so yummy. I have nothing against garbanzo beans, I just didn’t expect it to taste so good. I’m a big fan of beans, I do love my hummus. And because I’m a vegetarian, beans are a staple in my diet. Continue reading

21 Day Challenge (Week One)

Hey Friends,

How are you?

A little over a week ago I decided to join Noelle Benepe’s “Booty Core and More” 21 day challenge. I have been following Noelle on Instagram for quite some time because she is pure inspiration. I have been in what I call a winter slump and needing a change and motivation so I decided to give her challenge a try. I just completed week one and I’m feeling good so far.
This challenge has been filled with squats, lunges, bridges, and every
“booty” exercise imaginable. My butt has been on fire this week and I’m loving it.

Continue reading

Veggies in Vegas 

Hey There

I am currently in Las Vegas for a Chiropractic seminar with my boss and his wife. The last time I was in Vegas was 12 years ago with my husband. I’m not much of a traveler, more of a homebody. Although I like to visit places, there’s nothing like my own bed. 

I actually woke up to the sunset this morning. It’s rare that I’m up that early. We have a pretty decent view.

Aside from learning lots of health and wellness stuff, I am enjoying trying new food and I’m impressed with some of the vegan/vegetarian options I’ve come across so far.   

Today we had lunch at “A slice of Vegas” in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay. They serve pizza and more. They even had a vegan menu. Hooray!

I ordered the portobello mushroom sandwich which came with bell peppers, onions and Daiya cheese. The sweet potato fries were delish! I normally don’t eat bread but today I made an exception 🙂
 We are dinner at a Mexican place called “Diablos” on the strip. I ordered veggie fajitas. Just veggies and black beans. They were so yummy!
  This food was great but a little high in price. $23 for veggie fajitas. 

 I ate more than I usually do in a day but I’d like to think I burned it off. We have walked miles and miles today. The seminar is about a 20 minute walk from our hotel room. 

I’m excited to learn more tomorrow and try some more new food 🙂

Bye for now